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DIY RGB LED 7-color LED light board [10~13V] Multi-axis、Four axes LED lights Model aircraft [JTS Interfaces]


The LED light board with three RGB5050 lamp beads, on-board DIP switches, toggle through the corresponding switch, seven color options.
Can be used for multi-axis, through the machine, Helicopters, Cars and other light DIY.
Input: 10 ~ 13V DC, 3S LiPo battery, 12V BEC
DIP switch color selection
Size: 47 * 10mm
Weight: 2g
Packaging: 12V lamp board a male strip 10cmjst
Note the polarity of the input and insulation;
Toggle the corresponding switch to ON optionally seven colors;
Behind recommend using double-sided foam adhesive on the body;
Input power can be between 10 ~ 13V, available 3S LiPo power supply or 12V BEC.
The following is based at 12V input power and current
B ON = blue, 0.35W, 0.03A
R ON = red, 0.35W, 0.03A
G ON = green, 0.35W, 0.03A
B + R ON = purple, 0.70W, 0.06A
B + G ON = cyan, 0.70W, 0.06A
R + G ON = yellow, 0.70W, 0.06A
B + R + G ON = white, 1.05W, 0.09A

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