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Four-axes/Multi axis LED light controllers(Operating voltage: 4S Battery(11.1V))


Note: 4S / controller, LED light length ≤1m.
LED Light Bar Controller For Quadcopter Six Axis Multiaxial Multirotor FPV
LED Light Bar Controller For Quadcopter Six Axis Multiaxial Multirotor FPV.
HM LED multi-function controller.
Multi-axis / Airplane essential night, night flying cool / shine.
Multi-axis direction necessary to identify, which can take four LED.
Easy connection, plug directly into any free channel in the receiver can easily control the LED lights.
Direct interface with power electric charge balance, no additional power supply.
A variety of control modes, so the flight becomes Ambilight.
Three kinds of flashing modes: full brightness / horse racing / two groups alternately flash
Lighting pattern switching mode: the black signal plug into any switch channel receiver, the white aircraft battery power white plug into the socket on the controller, a remote control switch for each channel toggle switch, then switch once flash lamp lighting pattern
Controller operation mode: Turn the remote control corresponding channel
First: LED lights front, rear, left, right, horse racing flashing
Second: Front LED lights, rear left and right alternately flashing
Third: LED light goes out
Fourth: LED lights up again, repeating the cycle

Item type: LED Light Bar Controller
Operating voltage: 4S Battery(11.1V)
Connection: Signal cable into the receiver, JST connector with LED lights, and then plug in lithium balance charge connector, LED four full brightness.
Item dimension: 12 * 2 * 0.5cm
Item weight: 8g

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