18650 14.8V 2800mAh High magnification cylindrical lithium battery for Sweepers and related household electronic products

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18650 14.8V 2800mAh High magnification cylindrical lithium battery for Sweepers and related household electronic products

Voltage (V) 14.8V 14.8V
Capacity (Ah) 2800mAh 2800mAh
Charging voltage (V) 16.8V 16.8V
Number of cycles (times) More than 300 times More than 300 times
Scope of use Consumer electronics Consumer electronics
Weight 203g 203g
Product size (mm) Length 70 * Width 38 * Thickness 38 (mm) Length 70 * Width 38 * Thickness 38 (mm)
Shelf life 1 year 1 year
Charging time (h) About 3-5 hours About 3-5 hours
Battery cell standard A-type battery cell A-type battery cell
Battery type Cylindrical lithium battery[5557-2P+HWT-4P plug] Cylindrical lithium battery[XH-2P+SM-3P plug]
Combination method 4S 4S
Discharge Voltage 11.2V 11.2V
Protection function None, with outgoing line None, with outgoing line
Battery model 18650 18650
Battery rate 10C 10C

1. Small volume and large capacity
High quality battery cells, sufficient capacity, stable voltage, and strong power

2. Stable performance
Stable lithium battery power supply
Effectively preventing the damage of unstable current to the battery

3. Durable and environmentally friendly
Can be reused more than 300 times;
Lithium batteries do not contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury

4. Strong applicability
Widely applicable to Sweepers and related household electronic products;
As long as the plug voltage is the same, it can be used

Battery use:
When charging, keep away from flammable items as overcharging may cause the battery to explode.
Batteries that have already ruptured should be treated in green immediately and cannot be reused.
Connecting the positive and negative poles can cause battery short circuits and explosion hazards.
Battery damage and injury caused by not following the instructions shall be borne by the user.
Battery damage caused by human overcharging and discharging cannot be returned or exchanged. Do not charge or discharge without anyone watching, as accidents may occur.

1. Do not use nickel cadmium (NICD), nickel hydrogen (NIMH), or other types of battery specific chargers to charge lithium ion batteries.
Please use a Li ion dedicated charger for charging.
2. Do not charge without anyone watching.
3. Do not overcharge (the fully charged voltage of each battery cell should not exceed 4.2V).
4. When charging, please note that the charging desktop or platform can withstand heat and high temperatures.
5. At no time should the battery cells overheat. After the temperature of the battery cell reaches 60 ℃, there may be safety hazards, even combustion.
6. During charging, the battery shall not be close to or directly placed in flammable materials such as paper, plastic, carpet, ethylene, leather, wood, or directly placed in a Model car or car for charging.
7. Do not over discharge (the voltage after each cell is discharged shall not be less than 2.75V), as over discharge may damage the battery, such as bulging.
8. Do not keep the battery close to liquid or store it in a damp place.
9. Do not place the battery near open flames or heaters or other sources of ignition.
10. Please keep the battery out of reach of children.
11. If there is a collision during use, please remove the battery. Carefully check whether the battery and connector are normal, just in case. (Note: The battery may be hot to the touch!)
12. Do not splash the electrolyte into the eyes or skin. If it accidentally splashes, please wash it immediately with water. In severe cases, please seek medical attention immediately.
13. Do not disassemble or reassemble the battery or change the wiring arbitrarily.
14. Please carefully check the battery voltage and level before charging or using.
15. Do not short circuit (positive and negative polarity reversed).
16. Do not directly contact batteries with leakage.
17. Please charge within a temperature range of 0-45 ℃.
18. For batteries that have not been used for a long time, please ensure that they are charged and discharged for activation within 3 months to maintain battery stability.

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