MJX Bugs 3 RC Quadcopter Spare Parts: Lower board [Red]


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I asked for a Red frame but after waiting about 6 weeks it came Black. It was no fault of Linparts, no one actually had any Bugs or parts for a few weeks. It doesn't really bother me though just glad to have it back in the air. I've already ordered Black top for it. Pretty simple job to swap, took me about an hour or so, every thing goes back as it should,no re-drilling of screwholes etc, the only change I made was I heatshrink wrapped the esc's, and that's how they are on the latest model I found when my second one arrived. I've run a few batteries through it indoors and its all nice and true. The other one only broke because I flew into a car in zero degree temperatures, but now all is well.
Date Added: 03/23/2017 by ALAN CARTER
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